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Owen Sound Taxes

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         H O M E         

Financial Facts
          About the Author    
          Growth in Taxes     
    Growth in Expenses    
    Revenue & Expenses    
       Residential Burden    
           Expense Growth    
            Relative Growth    
     Expense Distribution    
Relative Transit Growth    
Impact of Taxes
 Taxes Relative to Others    
   Impact Buying a Home     
    Impact on Wages    
Ratio of Wages to Taxes    
Wage Earners Leaving    
       Population Migrating    
The Population Trend    
   Summary of the Impact    
  Bad Decisions
        Art Gallery Growth    
  2022 Excessive Growth    
   Dollar Value of Growth    
           Statement Errors    
      Incorrect Tax Burden    
  Summary of Decisions     
    Defining the Problem    
      Budget Preparation    
     Zero-Based Budgets    
  Chronic Budget Padding    

Emotional Based Decisions

 Art Gallery Experiment     
    Transit Cost per User    
    New Transit Contract     
    New Gallery Building     

Change the Status Quo

     Change Status Quo     
      Essential Services     
          Service Reviews     
    Other Considerations    

Shuttering Some Services

                  The Airport    
           Transit Services    
                   Art Gallery    
Final Thoughts
  1. Zero Based Budgets      
  2. Burdened Cost Centers 
  3. Freeze Budgets            
  4. Improve Transparency   
  5. Shutter Services          
  6. Permanent Committee  
  7. Gallery Financial Audit  
  8. Transit Financial Audit  
  9. the Homeless Solution 
10. Limit Council Spending   

           E P I L O G            


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